Applying False Strip Lashes


We recommend reading this entirely, then re-reading as you are applying your lashes. 


Applying false strip lashes can become so daunting especially if you’ve tried the same technique over and over again without any success. We totally get it! We hear it all the time, “I don’t know how to apply them! I’ve tried everything” WRONG! Clearly there is something you’re missing because so many ladies wear lashes. if they can, so can you.


Firstly TOOLS! This is part of the secret. if you don’t have the right tools your lashes aren’t sticking. It’s as simple as that. Imagine someone who applies lashes everyday then one day is given really cheap glue to use, guess what? Her lashes aren’t sticking. 

Lets talk about our LASH ADHESIVE

Our glue is iridescent, which means it changes colour. As the glue becomes tacky the colour gets darker. Usually takes about 30 seconds. (Perfect indicator. )

Its also: 

Waterproof ✔️

Super Strong ✔️

Dries Clear ✔️

Paraben Free ✔️

Latex Free ✔️


This is the special stuff and will definitely help you get those lashes on!



Specially designed to hold and place your lash without blocking your view. The head of the Applicator is shaped just like a human lash line for precise application. Rounded tips for safety, if just learning how to apply false lashes, we don’t recommend you using sharp tweezers near your eye balls. Please be careful! 

Now that you’ve got your Applicator and Adhesive organised, let’s teach you how to apply lashes. 



Open up your lash box, take the tray out. 

Bend the tray to the start of the lash band. (Vertically)

Use tweezers and gently loosen the band of the tray. Once one side has been removed, gently peel the other side off. 

Then bend the other side of the tray, and remove the second lash as you did for the first one. 



Place the lash on your lash line, don’t stress it’s not meant to stick. Now take a look at how much extra band you have there, remove it off your eye. Trim a tiny amount, check it again, cut another tiny amount. Do it until the band starts and finishes with your own lash line.

*Take your time with this step, it’s one of the most important steps in ensuring your lashes look beautiful on you. If you have to much band, your eyes will look droopy .

Now do the same for the other side, PLEASE DO NOT CUT THEM TO THE SAME MEASUREMENTS AS THE FIRST ONE. Your eyes might be different lengths. (Yes very normal) 


Ok. We are moving along well, so we have the Applicator, Adhesive and our lashes are cut ready to do. 



Use your Applicator to hold the lash, open the adhesive and paint the lash brand with adhesive. 

Place the lash down, pick up the 2nd lash and so the same. 

 Wait 30 seconds, watch the glue start changing colour. 



Start by looking directly at the mirror. Now tilt your head backwards so your chin is lined up straight to the mirror. 

Notice how your eyes are still slightly opened and you have perfect view of what you're doing? 

This is such an important step because along with the use of the Applicator you have full view of what you are doing. 



Using your Applicator in your right hand, pick up the right lash. 

Position your head (as directed above)

Hover the lash over your eye/lash line. 

Measure it up so the start of the band is at the start of your lash line. 

Don’t move the position. 

Place the lash straight down holding it in the middle for 5 seconds. 

Gently release, hold down the inner corner for 5 seconds and the outer corner for 5 seconds.  


Now seconds Lash. 


WA-LAAA!! Your lashes are on. 

Wait 3-5 mins before applying mascara.