Posted by THE LASH STORE on 8th Jun 2018

How to choose the perfect lashes for your face.

I’m sure you’ve noticed and maybe even had a mini heart attack when you jump online to shop for some lashes only to see so many differently shaped  lashes… and think to yourself, WTF?? The reason for having so many different shaped lashes is obvious, there are so many differently shaped eyes. So there is something for everyone.

Your first step is to work out what kind of eyes you have. Then this will determine which lash shape will compliment your eyes. Then you just shop the different styles in that shape range.



Have a look at your eyes in the mirror. Then eliminate which shape you know you don't have. Start with, Are my eyes set wide apart? Then move across until you find the perfect match. If you are having difficultly choosing which eye shape you have, then read the descriptions below.

ALMOND / AVERAGE EYES: Shapes like an almond, and you cant see the white on top or below the iris, just the sides.

WIDE SET EYES: Having a larger gap between your eyes.

CLOSE SET EYES: Your eyes are closer together.

ROUND / PROMINENT EYES: You see more of white around the iris, larger eyes.

DEEP SET EYES: Sitting further back under the brow bone.

HOODED / MONOLID EYES: When your eyes are opened, you're unable to see your eye lids.

DOWN TURN / DROOPY: When the outer eye is lower or sometimes when the lid droops over the end of your eye.

If you're still struggling to figure out which eye shape you are, feel free to reach out to one of our lovely team members who will be able to assist you further.


CAT EYE - Starts off short and are fuller/longer on the outer edges.


OPEN / DOLL LASH - Start smaller, longer in the middle then shorter at the ends.

bora-doll-lash.png ivory-doll.pngibiza-doll.png

REVERSE CAT EYE - These are fuller from the start of the lash. No dramatic change from inner to outer edges.

sexy-r-cat.png spain-r-cat.pngvegas-r-cat.pngmiami-rcat.png


For every eye shape there is a lash style to suit and compliment the eye. Some ladies are lucky enough to pull off every style, while others have a specific style they should shop. With the below recommended lash shapes will have also recommended lash styles for you to shop.

ALMOND / AVERAGE EYES: You can literally pull off any lash. The world is yours. DOLL & CAT EYE would suit you best.

WIDE SET EYES: Reverse Cat- Eye. Something thicker at the start to manipulate the space between your eyes.

CLOSE SET EYES: Cat Eye to reduce the focus from the middle of your eyes and give the illusion of a wider set eye.

ROUND / PROMINENT EYES: Cat Eye, This style will make your eyes appear more almond shaped.

DEEP SET EYES: Cat Eye to hide the folds in your lids and open up your eyes, Depending where your fold sits, a doll style lash could also work.

HOODED / MONOLID EYES: Less dramatic lashes, Cat Eye to give the illusion of a wider eye. Keep them short and minimal thickness.

DOWN TURN / DROOPY: Cat Eye as we want to lift and open up the end of the eye. Just be sure you're placing the outer edge of your lashes a little higher then your lash line to really open up that outer edge.

Now that you know your eye shape and what style of lash would suit you best, you can start shopping. Remember if you are ever stuck, feel free to contact us and we will assist you any way possible. 

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