The Beginner’s Guide to 3D Lash Extensions

Posted by The Lash Store on 28th Aug 2020

Thinking about getting lash extensions? A great starting point would be 3D lash extensions. As a company who provides services, training and lash supplies in australia and worldwide, we have the knowlodge and products to help you decide on which lash extensions would suit you best. If you’re a lash artist looking to offer 3D lash extensions then you’ve come to the right place as we offer 3d lash extension trays and many more supplies.

For you to know what you like and dont like, you need to undertsnad the terminology used in the lash extension world. What’s your lash type? Thickness? lash style? Curl? Length? What’s what and what would suit your eyes and face the best. There is never one lash style to suit every eye, which is why we offer such a large range of lash extension supplies.

You also have to be prepared to care for your lashes post-application as this would help with lash retention and keeping your lashes clean and heathly, lucky for you we’re one of Australias biggest lash suppliers and have all the products needed. You can also bulk buy lash supplies like lash wash to stock for your clients.

So, before heading to a lash salon or shop, read this quick guide first!

Lash Terminology


The two big classifications for lashes which are Classic and Volume. For classic lashes, the ratio of one synthetic lash to your natural lash is 1 to 1. Volume lashes can go from 2 to 10 lashes per one natural lash. When several individual strands are glued together to be attached to one natural lash, that is called a lash fan. With 3D lash extensions, each fan consists of 3 strands. You can opt to purchase premade fans when you buy lash extension and supplies in Australia.


Lash thickness ranges from fine .03 lashes to .15. Lashes as thick as .15 and higher can be heavy and uncomfortable, and may even cause damage to your natural lashes. Thats why this 0.15 is ONLY used for classic application. While thickness of 0.10 is used from 2D up to 5D. For a medium dense 0.07 is perfect and they are avaiukabe from 3D to 6D. Then there is 0.05 premades which is the newest rave and they start from 6D to 10D. Shop our entire range of premades on From 2D to 10D.


Lash length ranges from 8mm to 16mm. Choose a lash length depending on the effect you’re going for: shorter for a more natural, everyday look, longer for a more dramatic glammed-up look.


The three lash styles you can choose from are cat eye, doll eye, and cat doll. Cat eye lashes start short at the inner lid and gradually become longer towards the outer lid. Cat eye lashes are perfect for those who want their eyes to look more londer almond-shaped.

Doll eye lashes have the longest lashes or fans in the middle, which would ‘open up’ your eyes. Doll eye lashes look the most natural as they outline and ‘pull up’ the natural curve of your eyes.

Cat Doll lashes get btheir name from being a mixture of both cat eye and doll eye. Start short at the inner eye, gradually longer with the longest lenghts at the arch of the eyebrow and moving down one or two lengths for the last quater of the lid.


Curls are represented by letters. Your choice of curl will depend on your preferred effect, but sound advice that’s been passed along is to match your curl with your natural lashes’ curl. This helps the synthetic lashes to adhere to your naturals, which assures not only lash retention but also your own comfortability with your lashes.

The curl letters, from least to most amount of curl, are: J, B, C, D, and L. J and B curls are on the subtler side of the spectrum, while C and D curls are sharper and more noticeable. Many opt for the sweet spot at C: not too high or low, natural-looking and yet can brighten up and widen the eyes. (If you have hooded eyelids, you might be able to achieve this effect better with a D curl.) With L being the sharpiest angle.

Why choose 3D Lashes?

They are light and comfortable

3D lash extensions are definitely visible from afar, but you won’t feel any discomfort at all when you have them on. Regardless if you choose 3D lash extensions in 0.07 or 0.10 as our material is super light weight and fluffy.

They go with any look

3D lash extensions are not too sparse to be unnoticeable, but not too thick either. This means you can easily transition from one look to another with these lashes on. If you want to add a bit of glam to your daily no-makeup-makeup look, your trusty 3D falsies should do the trick. If you want to make a bold statement with your look – for formal dinners or night outs, for example – your 3D lashes won’t fall out of place either.

Just make sure to secure yourself with lash supplies from Australia’s reputable suppliers so you can maintain your lashes effectively. Remember, proper maintenance ensures longevity!

They are great for beginners

If it’s your first time letting your mascara take a back seat to make way for falsies or semi-permanent lashes, choosing 3D lash extensions is a great way to start. You would be at the middle of the volume spectrum, which means it’s a safe place to experiment with other lash features.

Soon enough, you’ll figure out exactly what lash volume, type, thickness, length, style, and curl works best for you. Again, don’t forget to shop for lash extension supplies in Australia. Also, maintenance is everything, so it’s best to start the habit now while you’re starting out.

How to maintain your new lashes

For semi-permanent lashes

After application, you must make sure they don’t get wet for the next 48 hours. Avoid using any oil-based products on your face, as this could weaken the adhesive when in contact with your lashes. Don’t wear mascara at all – unless it's specifically tagged extension-safe.

Finally, remember that semi-permanent lashes last for about six to eight weeks on average. Have them cleansed at the salon two weeks post-application, and then have them redone after a month or two.

For falsies

With great lashes comes great responsibility. When you shop for falsies, make sure you also shop for lash extension supplies in Australia. Here are a few examples of essential supplies:

Lash brush or spoolie – this removes top layer dust and dirt from your lashes

Lash cleaning solutions – submerge your falsies into your cleaning solution after every use to remove dirt, mascara, and glue residue

Lash case – for proper storage

Lash tweezers – you preserve the quality of each individual strand when you apply lashes using special lash tweezers

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