Lash Training Course | 2021

Where: Kingsgrove Studio 

Cost: $2200

Classes: 1 on 1 (Additional fee) or max 2 students per class.

When: Fridays 


  • A complete training kit, worth $600+ (See below for the list of items) 
  • A detailed training manual 
  • 2 full days in the studio with Betty
  • 10 days of home training with guidance
  • A certificate of completion
  • A discounted tray price to keep forever*
  • Continued support through mentoring forever.
  • Help with setting up your business email, Instagram and logo making
  • Custom client forms (emailed) + 10 printed copies
  • Coffee and lunch will be provided each day
  • How to take those perfect videos and photos
  • Marketing yourself from a beginner to an expert
  • We’ll be with you every step of the way


  • Product knowledge (Differences between material, diameters, curls, sizes)
  • Hygiene, Safety & contraindications
  • Client consultation, forms + client cards
  • Client communication, building rapports, customer service.
  • Client bookings, diary maintenance, booking app
  • Trolley, bed and workstation set up
  • Pricing scales from beginner to expert
  • Eye shapes
  • Lash Styles
  • Lash Mapping
  • Prepping the face
  • Step by Step- Classic Lash Application
  • Premade education
  • Step by Step – Volumes (Premade)
  • Taking photos
  • Aftercare education
  • Lash wash + lash bra (reseller)
  • Infills – Bookings, pricing, procedure
  • Removal procedures
  • Home training – 2 weeks (implementing everything taught in the classroom)
  • Branding- Business name, logo, email, social media, pricing chart.
  • and anything else we can help you with.


Classic D Lashes mixed length trays (.16) x2
3D Premade Fans C or D Curl (Sizes 8-15mm) x16
Practice False Lashes x 10 pairs
Practice sponge x1
Isolate Tweezer x1
Pick Up Tweezer x1
Straight Tweezer x1
Lash Mattifier x1
Lash Reset x1
Lash Palette x2
Lash Wash + Brush x1
Lash Brushes 100pk x1
Lip Brushes 100pk x1
Micro brushes 100pk x1
Dummy Head x1
Cleansing Cotton Eye Pads 80pk x1
Gel Eye Pads 50pk x1
Glue Palette 20pk x1
Glue Palette Adhesive Holder 5pk x1
Micropore Tape x1
P.E Tape x1
Non- Waven Tape x1
Green Tape x1
Witch-hazel Cleanser x1
Liquid Pump x1
Hand held fan x1
KN95 Face Mask x1
Surgical Face Mask x1
2 Slot Silver Tweezer Case x1
Tape Dispenser 1.25cm x1
Tape Dispenser 2.5cm x1
Glue Wipes x1
Lash Bra x1
Training bag x1



Day 1. 

  • Theory/manual
  • Kit education
  • Practice on a sponge
  • Practice on Kiki (Dummy Head) 

2 Weeks at home.

You’ll then have 2 weeks of training at home to practice full sets. You MUST complete 6-8 full sets before returning for day 2. Whilst you are doing home training, you’ll be sending through photos to Betty and feedback will be provided. This happens daily, so you’ll be in constant communication with betty during your 2 weeks of ‘at home training’.

Day 2

First half of the day, you’ll be learning premade application and more theory. During the 2nd part of the day, you’ll have your first live model, which you’ll need to organise. 

Each day in the studio is a full day, from morning to evening. It’s important you are 100% focused and committed to this course. Coffee, lunch and snacks will be provided by The Lash Store.   

PLEASE NOTE: The above schedule is a slower paced course. If we feel you're an advanced learning the course will be planned accordingly.