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**BUNDLE BUY** ( 1 X Rapid Bond, 1 x Lash Reset, 1 x Lash Mattifier) Retail Price $83.97 BUNDLE PRICE $74.99 for all 3 items. 


LASH MATTIFIER - Rose Scented Lash Primer. Used prior to lash extension application to remove oil and residue for a more superior hold, PH balance and retention of lash extensions. APPLICATION: Shake bottle well, unscrew lid, remove nozzle, insert micro tip brush into opening, repeat for second micro tip. Replace nozzle and secure lid. Using both micro tip brushes, thoroughly cleanse each lash base. Allow to dry for 30 seconds.


RAPID BOND LASH EXTENSION ADHESIVE should only be used for lash extension application by an experienced lash technician. RAPID BOND has instant bonding ingredients, always isolate before dipping into adhesive. Adhesive is lightweight, super strong, with a long lasting lash retention. Ensure all safety measures are taken to protect the client, yourself and furniture during application. Always shake bottle really well before each use. Now sold in 5ML to prevent product wastage. INGREDIENTS: Cyanoacrylate, black Pigment, PMMA. LATEX & FORMALDEHYDE FREE. MADE IN KOREA. 


LASH RESET - Cream Lash Remover. A highly effective, fast acting. No residue remover for lash extensions. Works well with those with sensitive eyes. Application: Cleanse lashes, apply eye pads, ask client to keep her eyes closed. Unscrew lid and remove inner lid. Using micro tip brush, scoop out product. Starting at the inner corner, apply product to the base of the lash extensions in a blending motion. Use a NEW micro tip brush and add more product if needed, repeat for other eye. Waiting time will vary, depending on the state of the lash extensions and the amount of glue used. Gently try removing lashes after 1-2 mins. Ingredients: 4-Methyl-1,13,3- Dioxolan -2-one, polyethylene glycol, gamma- butyrolacto