Trouble Shooting With Applying Lashes


Below are some issues you may encounter, with recommended resolutions. If you still have issues with applying lashes and our tips and tricks don't help, please reach out to us, we are more then happy to assist you. (yes even if they aren't our lashes, we're still happy to help) 


Your lashes didn’t stick.

How long did you wait for the glue to set? if it was less then 30 seconds, it most likely your glue wasn’t ready.Try waiting little longer for the glue to become tacky then apply. 

If you waited maybe 1 minute or more, then most likely the adhesive has set and dried up. You will need to reply. 


Your lashes are lifting in my inner corner. 

Either your glue is still wet, so hold the band down for another 5-8 secs. 


You haven’t placed the lash correctly, check that it’s not to high above the lash line or pass the corner of the inner eye. 


Your lashes are to curled up.

Take a close look in the mirror, you will notice the false lash isn’t following your natural lash. Easy fix. Use the Applicator to bend them down so they're following your natural lash. 


Your lashes are making your eyes look droopy.

You haven’t trimmed enough from the outer edges. Remember we mentioned this in our How to apply Instructions. Its important you don't have over hang. Otherwise you will get this result. Nobody got time for droopy eyes!!  


Your lashes are poking you.

They're too close to your inner eye. You've placed them to close to your inner eye.

You can, move them over, pulling towards your outer eye. 


Lift them higher, looking at the start to middle of the false lash band, do you notice it isn't filling the natural lash line? if so lift/adjust until its placed correctly. 


I can see the false lashes/ they feel heavy.

Your lashes are too low, they might be sitting on your lashes instead of your lash line. 

Remove and try again.


I can see a gap between my false lashes and natural lashes. 

Another easy fix, wait until the glue has dried and apply mascara. 

Sit closely In front of a mirror, then use your Applicator to pull your lashes up to your false lashes. Open and close the Applicator (compressing movements) along the entire lash.