Everything You Need to Know About Lash Extensions.

Posted by THE LASH STORE on 21st Jun 2020

Thinking about getting your lashes done? Over wearing mascara. Or getting a lash person and ending up looking like a fuzz ball? Have you been envious of how most ladies, especially celebrities, maintain their luscious, pretty eyes? Well, they’re all about their lash extensions.

Nowadays, many women want to achieve the perfect look. However, most of them live very busy lives or don't have the patience nor the time to each morning to look all proper and prim. Which is why so many ladies are turning to the lash of lash extensions.

With many different names and styles being thrown around on social media, it's sometimes hard to work out what you want or even explain it to your lash technician. Don’t be afraid! We’re here to help and that’s why we created this blog. To explain everything in detail. So whether you want to make an awe-inspiring first impression on a datekind of look, or to look like you have your life together to nail a job interview ha-ha!, attend an important family event, or just want to feel amazing, this article will guide you to understanding what lash extensions are all about.

What are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are semi-permanent lashes which are applied to the client’s natural lashes. Clients will be able to maintain a normal lifestyle with little maintenance needed for their new lashes. If applied correctly, lash extensions will not cause any damage to the clients’ natural lashes. Regardless all human lashes fall out and reproduce every 6-8 weeks as this is human biology. If clients wish to maintain their lashes, infills will be required at their desired intervals for example, Weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Lashes last differently with each client, it will come down to their lifestyle and how they take care of them. For example, a client who wears minimum makeup and cleans her lashes daily, she’ll most probably come back with ¾ full lashes, which is perfect for 2 weeks infill. Other clients who wear thick eye makeup daily and don't thoroughly clean their lashes obviously wont lash as long. The decision to charge them extra will come down to you.

How are lash extensions applied?

The process of applying lash extensions is not as complicated as you may think however it's important to choose someone who knows what they’re doing. A referred artist is always the best way to go. The artist will begin by having a consultation about your desired look. Then proceed with prepping the face, cleaning the lashes very well (because nothing sticks to dirty lashes) and mapping for lengths. She’ll be using 2 tweezers, one to isolate and the other to place. Once a natural lash is isolated, the artist will pick up a lash extension off her lash tray, dip it into the adhesive,its important she knows what the right amount is, too little will make it hard to adhere to the natural lashes to much will make all the lashes stick together. She’ll then place the extension on top (other times from the bottom) of the natural lash. Making sure it is positioned straight, holding it there for a few seconds and moving on to the next lash. She’ll continue doing this until all your suitable natural lashes are laced with a lash extension. That doesn’t sound so scary does it?

What are the different types of lash extensions?

Lash Extensions come in different material, diameters and lengths these aspects all play a part in the style of lash you need up with.


Mink, Faux Mink, Silk and Silk PBT. Personally, weonly use and sell PBT as this is currently the best product on the market. It is a premium product coming from Korea. It applies well with a strong hold and has a long lifetime, enduring all the things our lovely clients put them through 

Silk is also a great product however it’s not as light or long lasting as SILK PBT.

Mink is derived from animal, its lightweight however loses its curl after a while.

Faux Mink is a mixture of materials developed into thin strands. Some are heavier than others, I don’t recommend this for lash extensions, only strip lashes.


Lashes generally start at a 7 or 8mm and go to 16mm. The lengths you choose will be determined by the look you want to achieve. What you request and what your lashes can handle could be 2 different things. This should be discussed by your artist during the consultation.

Starting at 8mm is always a good idea and if you aren'ttoo sure how long you want to go, we suggest stopping at 13mm, then by your next infill appointment you can chose to move down, up or stay the same.

Tip: Don’t go longer than size .12 mm extension if you are wearing glasses. The extensions will only brush them as you blink.


Lashes are also sold with different diameters. This is referring to the weight/thickness of each strand.The smaller the number the lighter in weight, colour and thickness. Lash technicians (volume handmade fans) usually work with the smallest (0.03) The reason they would choose to use such a thin strand is so they can make 10d-20d fans.For a classic set, you will need to go higher in diameter because you’ll only be placing (1) Lash Extension per Natural Lash. For a classic set you can use 0.10, 0.15 we don’t do anythingheavier than that as this will provide a fake look due to the stiffness of the heavier lash.Premade fans usually come in 3 sizes. 0.05, 0.07 and 0.10. With the most popular being 0.07.


There are approximately 6 different lash curls on the market. The most popular 2 are C & D. I personally love D it has a perfect curl. If someone wants something a little less curly, then C curl would be a great fit. The lash store only uses and sellsthose 2 curls, because over time the lashes will relax. So, if you were to start with a straighter lash, over time they will relax and lose their curl and look VERY straight.


One of the most asked questions. What are the differences with all the D’s? The answer is simple. 2D is 2 lash extensions strands to the natural hair. 3D is 3 lash extensions strands to the natural hair.4D is 4 lash extensions strands to the natural hair. 5D is 5 lash extensions strands to the natural hair and so on. Usually goes up to 10D.


These are names given to lash styles generally referring to the diameter used to create the look. Many artists use different names to market their lash styles. Classics are the original OG’s, it’s a single lash extension to a natural lash. Volume usually means 0.07 lashes have been used to create this look with a maximum of 6D per lash. Mega lashes are created using 0.05 lash strands and can go up to a 10D. Whilst Russian Lashes are usually 0.03 and can be anything between 20D-30D.

Tip: The state of your natural lashes will affectthe thickness of the extensions which can be used. If they are too thick or heavy itmaycause damage to your natural lashes.


Considering the style when choosing eyelash extensions is very important as sometimes the wrong style can make your eyes seem smaller than usually, emphasis on the slanted ends. There is not 1 style for everyone. Although sometimes after the artist has given you her professional opinion, you might still want to do the style you’ve been longing for. Which is OK! Just keep in mind the artist as a reason behind your opinion. Most common styles include cat-eye, doll-eye, and cat-doll. The best way to work out what you want is to work out where you want the longest lengths.

Cat-eye, the longest lengths are at the end. Lash sizes will start small and end long. Giving you a longer more almond shape.

Doll-eye, the longest lengths are right in the middle. First half of the eye small to large, second half of the eye going from large to small. Giving you a larger and eye opener look.

Cat-doll, (We made that name up) Starts off as a cat-eye but ends as a doll-eye longest length being in between the middle and end usually following the brow arch. Giving you a more natural style.

Tip: The names of the styles are slightly deceiving. Take note that any of these styles can be natural or dramatic depending on the lengths used.


•NO water or steam within the first 24 hours of Full Sets/ Infills.

•NO oily products. Usually face products and eye creams contain oil.

•NO waterproof Mascara. Clients can wear mascara if they need to however WARN you client, it will make lashes fall out quicker which will end up costing you more at your next infill.

•Eyeliner RUINS lashes, they become muddy and is the hardest thing to clean out.

•DON’T touch your lashes with your fingers, ONLY use the brush.

•CLEAN your lashes with an approved Lash Cleaner (CHECK OUT OUR LASH WASH)


•DON’T pat lashes with a towel. After the shower, use a towel to blink on.

•DON’T brush wet lashes, wait until they are dry.

•3D LASH BRA/SLEEP MASK are perfect for side sleepers.(CHECK OUT OUR LASH BRAS)

Still don’t know what you’re after.If all this information sounds confusing, you can always seek help from our specialists at The Lash Store. We will help make an informed decision on all aspects of your new lash extension. Plus, you don’t have to go looking for a lashartist with good supplies as we are one of the biggest Australian suppliers in Australia. We have an array of lash extension supplies in Australiathat will suit you and your preferences.Get in touch with us through our social media platforms at your convenience. The Lash Store is always readyto help you get glowing!